UCPBA Calgary welcomes applications from non-profit organizations who are looking for funds to help defray operating or capital costs.
There is no deadline for grant applications. Requests are considered on an ongoing basis and support to deserving organizations is granted when funds are available.

UCPBA Calgary Donation Application
Organizations-grants recipients
UCPBA Calgary provides grants for organizations as well. 
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The UCPBA of Calgary offers a courtesy review of resumes, cover letters and scholarship applications for grammatical issues and general content.

We can also assist with mock interviews and facilitate the introduction to UCPBA members with industry-specific knowledge. Where possible, we can also provide general career and academic advice based solely on personal experiences. This service has been formed as a resource to assist Ukrainians in their career search/career transition and is run by volunteers. The committee has not been formed to post jobs or refer candidates for employment.

Please email us at if we can be of service.

Many successful individuals underline the importance of a mentor in their career or business trajectory.
A formal mentor-mentee relationship can provide skills and knowledge, professional socialization and personal support along the path of professional or business development.

UCPBA Calgary’s formal mentorship program teams up mentors and mentees in the following initial areas:

Real estate
Project Management
geology & geophysics
Business Entrepreneurship