Membership Meetings and Events

As you know, with Covid restrictions continually being first relaxed, then strengthened, it has been difficult to plan events that will not endanger the health of our membership. While we have had good participation in virtual events, nothing can replace personal interactions with our speakers and with each other. As our organization held a successful Casino night, we have planned some extraordinary speakers for the coming months. We hope that the events can proceed in person without having to resort to virtual formats at the last minute. Please continue to follow us on FaceBook or visit our website at for any updates henceforth.

The following events are currently planned:

  • Thursday, October 21, 2021, Guest Speaker

Arrangements are being made to have a speaker with international and national credentials address our meeting on exciting events that have currently been in the news. It is not clear yet whether this meeting will be held virtually or in person.

  • Thursday, November 18, 2021, AGM and Guest Speaker

The AGM will be held in person, if possible, and will coincide with a presentation by a terrific speaker of international and national renown. Arrangements will be made to revert to a virtual format if by that time Covid restrictions so dictate.

Membership Dues
Upon consultation, the Executive has decided to waive all fees to the end of 2021. Beginning in January 2022, fees will come due and be payable by January 31, 2022. This payment schedule will apply to every existing member, regardless in which month they originally purchased a membership. This avoids a great deal of work in tracking “anniversary” dates for each member.

New members who join in any month other than January, will have their dues prorated to the end of the year of joining, and thereafter will be held to the January-December schedule as per all members.
The fees will remain at $50 per adult, $75 per couple, and $10 for students.


Membership Draw

In order to encourage members to pre-pay their dues, we are offering a beautiful watercolour by Iryna Karpenko titled “Christmas Nativity”, valued at $500, to be drawn from the list of those paying before December 15, 2021. Please help us get a start on the new year by paying as soon as you are able.


See you all soon!
Stay Healthy and Safe,

Your Executive Committee