Outstanding Achievement Award – Past Recipients

Stelmach Narrow Short

Ed Stelmach – 2015 Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient
Premier of Alberta from 2006 to 2011, Ed Stelmach started his political career in local politics and was first elected to the Alberta legislature in 1993.  A native of Andrew, Alberta, ‘Honest Ed’s’ pioneer and farming roots are reflected in his work ethic and value system.



Marco New

Marco Levytsky – 2014 Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient
Longtime publisher, owner and editor of Ukrainian News, Marco Levytsky’s commitment to community media is unparalleled in the Ukrainian Canadian community. Over the years Ukrainian News has gained wide readership within the Ukrainian community and has become the authoritative voice for the community among Canadian government circles.



Paul Grod

Paul Grod – 2013 Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient
President of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress since 2007, Pavlo Grod is a leader with vision.  During his tenure, he has spearheaded the expansion of UCC’s scope of activities and has put particular emphasis on the development of closer relationships with representatives of the Canadian government.




Peter Shostak

Peter Shostak – 2012 Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient
Renowned across Canada, artist Peter Shostak is known for his many paintings and prints of life on the prairies. Shostak’s most ambitious project, to which he devoted five years of painting, was completed in 1991 with the unveiling of his series “For Our Children”, a series of fifty large oil paintings subsequently reproduced in a book of the same name.



Eugene Zwozdesky

Gene Zwozdesky – 2011 Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient
Currently speaker of the house in the Alberta Legislature, Gene Zowzdesky has been a sitting member of the legislature since 1993.  A professional musician and longtime community activist, he has lent his musical and leadership skills to such organizations as the Alberta Cultural Heritage Foundtaion, the Alberta Ukrainian Centennial Commission, the Shumka Ukrainian Dancers and the Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company.



Andrew Hladyshewsky

Andrew Hladyshevsky – 2010 Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient
President of the Shevchenko Foundation and active member of the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association, Andrew Hladyshevsky is an avid advocate and supporter of Ukrainian Canadians’ cultural and historical legacy.  In particular, he worked tirelessly seeking public and government recognition of the WWI Internment Operations during which thousands of Canadians of Ukrainian heritage were interned.



Inky Mark

Inky Mark  – 2005 Outstanding Achievement Award Recipients
A stalwart champion of seeing justice done, Member of Parliament Inky Mark was honoured for his work advancing Bill C-331, the Ukrainian Canadian Recognition and Restitution Act. This act acknowledges that persons of Ukrainian origin were interned in Canada during the First World War.




Raynelle Andreychuk

Senator Raynelle Andreychuk – 2005 Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient
Senator Raynelle Andreychuk has a long history of defense of human rights issues and was instrumental in bringing the Holodomor to the attention of the Canadian government and successfully advocating for government recognition of this atrocity.