Patricia Dutchak


Industry: Oil&Gas

Employer: Shell

Position: Senior Production Engineer

Notes/Interests: From Winnipeg. Mom's family came from the Ukraine in the late 1800's up to 1902, settling near Libau, Manitoba. Dad's immediate family came from the Ukraine after WWII, joining family who had come over earlier. I'm a mechanical engineer by training, currently working as a Senior Production Engineer at Shell. I have a wide variety of interests, but most certainly adventure as evidenced by having traveled over 45 countries, plus I lived in the Middle East for six years, having just returned to Canada in 2012. When I was planning to return to Canada, I complained that it wasn't fair that all the immigrants have cultural associations that they can join, but I don't have one because I am Canadian, then I found UCPBA!

Contact Information

Personal e-mail:

Phone: 403-993-0030


Business address: 400 4 Ave SW

Business e-mail:

Business phone: 403-691-3248