History: A New Century

A New Century

In 2002, the club revised both its bylaws and its name, becoming the Ukrainian Canadian Professional & Business Association of Calgary, the name which it retains today.  The bylaws were further updated and extensively revised in 2008. The granting of a casino license to the Association provided additional funding and enabled enhanced programming and community support, as well as the hiring of paid administrative staff.

The new century brought with it new hopes and concerns based on a series of promising and equally tragic developments in Ukraine.  Topics addressed at dinner meetings ranged from the temporary foreign worker program and the adoption of children from Ukraine to the Orange Revolution, its unrealized potential and the political events leading up to what is now known as Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity.  Annual presentations on the Holodomor famine-genocide reflected an increased awareness of this historical tragedy both in the Ukrainian community and Canadian society in general. There also emerged a renewed focus on business themes, with an annual presentation on markets and investment strategies by Bohdan Romaniuk (spanning some 8 consecutive years) being very popular. Other speakers over the past decade have included historians, economists, authors, investment analysts, film-makers, federal and provincial politicians, diplomats, business leaders, immigration experts, medical specialists, scientists, and past and current representatives of major government agencies, among many others.

On the cultural front, UCPBA provided critically needed seed funding for the first three years of operation of the enormously popular Calgary Ukrainian Festival. In 2011, UCPBA Calgary provided the inspiration for, and collaborated with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra (CPO) in staging, Ukrainian Rhapsody: An Evening of Ukrainian Symphonic Music (Calgary’s first-ever CPO event dedicated entirely to Ukrainian symphonic music).  In 2013, the CPO again presented a Ukrainian-themed evening, Hopak! A Ukrainian Spectacular!, which UCPBA co-sponsored.  Other highlights of UCPBA’s cultural program include several art shows and the annual Ukrainian Carol Festival, co-sponsored with UCC Calgary.

UCPBA Calgary has also donated many tens of thousands of dollars over the years to a broad array of community organizations, institutions, and projects in support of worthwhile cultural, educational, artistic and related endeavours of importance to the Ukrainian community locally, regionally, nationally and internationally and granted numerous scholarships to deserving students in Canada and Ukraine each year.

List of UCPBA Calgary Presidents